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When we attain parenthood, the first feeling that overwhelms us is the utmost gratitude and respect we feel towards our parents. We begin to realize how intensely they had been loving and caring for us in spite of all our mischiefs and tantrums; how patiently they had been insisting us to eat well even though we were on a 6 times a day-diet. Most importantly, we also try our best to be more alert and more diligent than our parents while choosing things for our little ones; because, we wish to avoid those mistakes which had been made by our parents.

Similarly, we also try to free our children from unnecessary restrictions and bondages that we had been forced to perform when we were kids. Unfortunately, amidst all the chaos of ‘parenting our children’, we often forget the fact that there’s so much to learn from our little ones. Though we know that our experience sharpens our skills of judgement and decision making, we must also remind ourselves that the things we learn and unlearn during our                                                                                                                                          growth make us blunt in numerous ways.

We fail to realize the worth of many minute actions of love, compassion and empathy shown by our children. We fail to recognize the depth and intensity of their actions and instead, we try to impose our ‘values’ or our ideas that we regard as values on them. This has often led them to various crises such as lack of self-confidence and self-identity. In order to avoid such mental dilemmas, enable them to vest their trust in themselves as they grow up and make them confident enough to find their own way in sorting out things in life. Thus, you will be able to see them grow up in the most meaningful way.

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