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During the time of pregnancy, human body undergoes several changes due to which, pregnant women are likely to be affected by respiratory infections more easily. You may need specialized care if you become infected. Please do not panic. Timely diagnosis and effective treatment can save you and your baby. You should follow all appropriate precautions strictly and effectively in order to keep yourself and your baby safe.


  • 1. Practice hand and respiratory hygiene and keep yourself hydrated.

  • 2. Practice physical distancing to avoid the risk of infections to oneself as well as others.

  • 3. If in case, you seem to be symptomatic, please do seek medical care immediately.

  • 4. You should also attend your routine medical check-up.

  • 5. Clean and disinfect your room and any surface you touch frequently.

  • 6. If in case you are a nursing mother, please do follow all the necessary precautions as you breastfeed your baby safely.

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